NWI Food Truck fest – Sunset hill farm county park 2018

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How lucky am I that our area is starting to have a strong food truck culture! The same people that hosted the indoor food truck event earlier this year, threw a bigger summer event and it was so much fun. There was music, drinks and about 20 trucks. I will go into depth with some of the trucks I tasted and then mention a few that I didn’t get a chance to try but have tried before and know are very tasty. Also, I have to give a big shout out to my husband for being my hand model and helping me eat half my food so that I could taste a lot more of the trucks.

Our first stop of course was The Remade Kitchen. We caught them at last year’s popcorn fest for their Philly cheese-steak grilled cheese and it was heavenly, so we stopped by to see what they were up to. On the menu they had different types of mac and cheese. We chose their Buffalo Chicken Mac n Cheese WITH Bacon! It was a good choice, I promise you.

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but in the picture above you can see the bits of buffalo chicken mixed in with the mac and cheese and there definitely was bacon in there. One of our favorites of the day.

Next up was Chunky Tacos. I was so excited because at the last food truck fest they had ran out of food and then I swear I see this truck all over and had not been able to get food from them, so finally I had them cornered! I asked them to recommend something and they insisted on their chicken chunky taco bowl.

As we were about to dig in, one of the employees told us to mix up the bowl first! So, we happily listened. It was sooo delicious, it was worth the wait and they definitely lived up to expectations.

If you follow me you know I have this small obsession with ribs. So of course, that had to be our next stop. Ziffles Zip n Go was quick and they served us a huge portion.

Look at the deliciousness in the above picture. Was so good and tender and had just the right crispiness on the edges. really good.

So as one does at a food truck festival, we were getting full. However, I still wanted Jerk Chicken! So even though in the picture above you see posters of something called an OMG Tornado. We decided to get a sample jerk chicken slider.

The Chicken was so tender and crispy on the ends almost like carnitas. Really good, AND THEN THIS WALKS BY…….. Scroll down to see!

The OMG Tornado! Big thanks to the guys who allowed me to take this picture. This is from OMG Ribs N Fish food truck and this spicy Jamaican style omg tornado has shredded jerk chicken, fresh diced onions, smack fries and is topped with a special sauce and edible tornado. Everything you want in food truck food.

My husband had to stop at his favorite place (mine too 🙂 ) Mother Wilma’s Marshmallow Factory, he ordered a s’more frozen hot chocolate. Yep you heard me right, I said a s’more frozen hot chocolate. It was super rich and delicious, it had a toasted marshmallow as well as marshmallow fluff on top and homemade graham crackers, soooo good. This was especially needed because it was as hot as the surface of the sun that day!

So much chocolaty goodness!

Much much later in the day, I wanted a Green Tea Mochi Ice cream ball, so I grabbed one from Lulu’s licks.

Just my size and super cold. It was perfect!

Another good food truck food that had not-good-for-your-waistline-food was Roasted Toasted and Baked. We decided to get mac n cheese with pulled pork smothered in BBQ sauce. It was really really good.

I have no idea how, but we ate that whole bowl of food. Oh my goodness!

I was walking around and saw this food truck, the Northern Smoke BBQ, and then I saw what was happening! Check out the picture below.

I mean seriously………drooling!

So, this is why I love food trucks so much!!!! Look at this guy, working so hard in the most ridiculous heat ever to hit Indiana and he’s smiling because he’s doing what he loves, and he loves to feed people good food. That’s what we all love to do (Well I don’t have a food truck, but I love to feed people). Taking this picture was seriously the best part of my whole day. I love it.

Now back to the food. Oh my goodness, this rib was slooowwww roasted, it was so tender. I wanted to marry it. But alas, already taken.

I also had to take a picture of this guy doing wood fired pizza at South Shore Ovenworks, again, it was really extraordinarily hot outside! My heart just went out to him, but, he was pushing out pizzas left and right without missing a step.

We were too full to eat anymore but we went around and asked a few groups of people and they raved about it.

Other Food Trucks:

The next couple of food trucks you have to check out if you see them, we decided not to go to one’s that we already know have delicious food because we’ve had their food before.

Valpo Velvet – Check out their store if you get a chance in downtown Valparaiso, they don’t just serve up ice cream, the owner is always making delicious creations in the kitchen (like tamales!!).

Da Portable Rican – I’ve been to their place in portage and it’s amazing! I am half Puerto Rican and go to Puerto Rico whenever I can and this place gets me through the times I can’t travel.

SizzleBox – Had their food at the last food truck fest and it was really good! If they have a Korean rib-eye sandwich on the menu, you must get it!

Check these out:

Unfortunately, the rest we did not get around to, but make sure you check them out anyway. Click on the name to see what their all about.

Blue Chip’s King of the Road

Dogs n Hogs

Cute as a cupcake

Skyline snowie

The Cheesy Truck

Cool Running’s Jamaican

Harold’s Chicken

Celtic Pig

Cookout on Wheels

Note: If you were a food truck and you do not see your business represented here, please contact me with your info. It was not on purpose.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. We appreciate you! Also, HUGE massive thank you to all of the vendors for cooking and feeding the masses in the heat and to the NWI food truck organizers for putting everything together. We ate, we drank we conquered! I also had a sunburn to complete the experience. 🙂



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