Franklin House

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Franklin House Valparaiso Indiana

The stars aligned and I was able to get a few friends and even my husband together all in one place! All of our schedules have been insane lately, so it was nice that we could get together for lunch on a Friday. With this specific group of friends, hands down we knew we were going to the Franklin house. Not only has this been our hangout while we were in our 20’s but now we come for the food and amazing craft beers that they offer. The Franklin house is a staple in our town of Valparaiso, Indiana and has been around since 1857. For more information checkout their updated website here. The atmosphere tends to change depending on the time of day. If it’s food I’m seeking, then I always try to grab a bite before 8pm. I find any time after that it can get super packed with thirsty people searching for joyous libations. However, this has never stopped me from ordering tater tots with my beer on a late night:) No matter when you go, you will be guaranteed a good time.

Ta-dah!!! Look at that gorgeous food! You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Other food that is not listed that I’ve tried is their Black & Bleu Burger and their Pineapple Express, all really tasty.

On this day, my husband decided that he was in the mood for the house burger. Look at that beauty!

The house burger comes with swiss cheese, bacon, a fried egg and peanut butter, yummm!

I couldn’t resist one more shot. It was soo good.

Did I mention how much I love tacos! I have been hooked on their barbacoa street tacos. They use simple ingredients for maximum flavor, which is my favorite thing about a street taco.

I also couldn’t help myself and ordered a side of the elote bites (shown in the first food picture and look like hush puppies) with garlic lime aioli. It was like summer in my mouth, so good.

I mean look how much meat is in this taco! Really tasty.

My buddy ordered their Italian beef, a Chicago classic, which I’ve also had before and is really tasty. Notice the side of aus jus, all restaurants should make note of this (for dippin)!

Look at the cheese hiding in there, so good!

So, I drank a few beers this day. Some that I recommend trying are my personal favorites, Warpigs Lazurite (Warpigs/3Floyds), Deth by Cherries (Revolution Brewing and shown above) and Cherry Springer (Off Square).

If you are visiting the town of Valparaiso and you love good food and good beer, I highly recommend trying the Franklin House, you will be immersed with the locals and inevitably make some new friends.





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