The Tap House

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This past Saturday I was able to check out the opening weekend at the new Tap House in Michigan city, Indiana. It might just be one of my new favorite places.


The place has a rustic/industrial feel and allows for families to come in until 9 pm and over 21 after. Once you come in, there will be a hostess ready to take your info and provide you with a Tap House card. This card is used for you to order food and purchase beer by the ounce. I love this because I can try beers that I normally wouldn’t because I don’t have to pay for a full beer to realize that I don’t like it.

Once you have your beer card, you can go and pick a glass of your choice and use their frosting glass station that frosts your glass to perfection. Next walk over to the beer stations and choose which beer you would like. Insert your card and pull to fill your glass to the desired amount. Make sure you take your card with you because at the end of the night this is what you will use to pay your tab. The cool thing is that you get to keep your card when you leave to use for the next time!


There was a variety of beer, a few mentions on tap right now are Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Bell’s Oberon, and Old Chub Scotch Ale. I also saw there were about 21 other beers to choose from giving a great variety of different beers.


The inside was just like a cafe during the day, perfect for a quick bite and a beer. I had so much fun I stayed until later and the vibe changed to more of a pub style. There is the cutest outside patio attached to the building and I couldn’t help but dream of coming back during cooler nights to enjoy some beer outside. I was hanging out with Melissa from The Beer Darling and we wanted to stay outside but it was SO hot!! Oh my goodness, look how amazing my Bell’s Oberon looks in the picture below……so delicious!


After some beer it was time to check out the food scene. They had a choice of pizza, quesadilla’s and nachos, made your way, meaning you can pick the meat and the toppings for any of the three items. I decided to go with chicken nachos and Melissa went with sausage pizza and peppers. The Pizza was a perfect choice to pair with my beer and was so glad we were sharing!

The pizza came and was so colorful with the peppers. It was perfect with our beers, thin crust and loaded with our choice of toppings.

The sauce was a little sweet and perfect for the occasion. It was such a good choice and perfect for sharing with friends.

Let’s talk about them nachos tho! So, I didn’t know that the owners of the Tap House also own Rios Mexican Grill. Although I have never been to their restaurant before, I have heard of them by word of mouth for being a really good Mexican place. You can definitely tell they know what they are doing because these nachos were on point! For me, it’s all about that crunch and the chips used for the nachos were not soggy and oh so good. The chicken was seasoned to perfection and of course loaded with cheese and toppings, the perfect pub food. I can only imagine what the food at their restaurant tastes like and is currently on my must-try list.

My only regret was not trying the quesadillas but if you currently follow me then you know last week I just posted my Pizza Quesadilla recipe, so unfortunately I am a little quesadilla’d out at the moment, but it did look delicious. Okay, back to drinking…..

If you’re in the area, make the Tap House a must stop on your list, make friends, have fun, repeat.






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