DIY Entertaining Table

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DIY Entertaining Table:

A while back I was blessed to be matron of honor for my husband’s sister. I was so excited to help out and could not wait to get started on the bachelorette party planning! When I do party planning, I love bringing out parts of the person’s personality of whom I’m throwing the party for. My sister-in-law love, love, love’s nature, she fights for the rights of all living things, even spiders (eww!) and generally just has a way about her that is free spirited. So something traditional (in my eyes) was out of the question for her.  After some brainstorming and getting ideas for what she wanted, it finally came to me. A Boho themed party!!!!

I immediately wanted a space for her guests to congregate over food and board games (her favorite!). Someplace that was relaxing yet fun. Eureka! A boho table would be perfect. There was a wide open space we had to work with, and a nearby lake to enjoy with lush greenery all over. Perfect for sitting on the floor with some comfortable pillows and great food with a view.

The Bride had 15 to 20 people coming and being a private person, I knew that she would want everyone to be together and not at separate tables or seating arrangements. My problem: how to seat that many people when I only have two tables that will seat at most 12 if I’m lucky. Finally, I had the idea while wandering home depot looking for chalkboard for a different DIY project (will post that later). I came across different pieces of plywood and thought, perfect! I will make my own tables! I must admit, I know nothing about wood or plywood or really most things at home depot. So I called my resident expert, the hubs! That day him, his dad and the truck went to home depot to look for the perfect board I needed. They came back with these two beautiful pieces of plywood at a size of 1/4in. x 4ft. x 8ft found here. Each sold for $16.32 plus tax.

Last I painted the tops of the tables with midnight blue spray paint. 2 full cans per table. If you are going for a full covered look, I would use 3. I liked that the grain peeking through in some of the lighter spots so I left it at two.

Voila! I have fancy tables perfect for outside entertaining and easy to be stored away in the garage when not in use! For legs you can really use anything. For this specific purpose I used old palettes that my father-in-law happened to have, but you can also use milk boxes, logs or even prop it on top of an existing table to gain 2 to 4 extra seats( just make sure the table is heavily weighted so that it doesn’t tip over).

Doesn’t the table look great? I was very happy with it and more importantly, so was the Bride!

Now, I have a question for you guys…What color should I spray paint the opposite side of this DIY entertaining table?

Check out how to style this table and what menu suggestions I have for your next outdoor dinner party.




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