Oktoberfest Table Inspiration

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Oktoberfest season is upon us, the air is a little colder, the beer is a little darker and the food is a little richer. I love it! Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Germany and typically goes for about 16 days from the last two weeks of September leading into October. Germany has held this tradition since 1810, in celebration of a Bavarian prince’s marriage to his princess and all the citizens were invited. A real life fairy-tale. Also, a massive amount of beer was and still is consumed over this time.

People outside of Germany have caught on to this amazing festival and now wonderful Oktoberfest’s are held all over the world, lucky me! I wanted to create a tablescape for someone out there who would like to celebrate their own Oktoberfest at home. Over the years, my husband and I have created a little collection of beer steins that we love. They remind me of my time living in Germany and my husbands time when he backpacked Europe after college. It is something in common that we’ve always shared and enjoyed, especially this time of year. I knew immediately, that I wanted them to be my centerpiece for the Oktoberfest tablescape.

Although simple, this stein (shown above) and another just like it, are one of my favorites. It reminds me of times my father would take me to German festivals and in Germany you would pay for ping pong balls and if you were able to get one of the ping pong balls in a mug, you won the mug! My dad always had me throw because I always won! 🙂

Here is the other favorite shown above/left) , just a simple mug but I love it!! I like the mug in the background as well, my husband likes this one because it plays music on the bottom of it like a music box, the artwork and music, makes it so unique. Although, yes, some of these steins are a little pricey, most of them, I’ve found at a garage sale or an antique store for $5.

Isn’t this the cutest guy you’ve ever seen! I stole him from my husband, he stands in the kitchen watching over me. I am very lucky to have this little guy in my life, he makes me smile. 🙂 I suppose I could share him with my husband, this little monk was given to him by his grandfather.

Most of the flags, table runner and Oktoberfest paper plates came from a set I bought from amazon for $29.97. There was so much stuff that came with it, I could throw another 2 dinner parties!

A “Free state of Bavaria” sign came in the package!! Another reason to celebrate. Prost (German word for cheers)!

The small, “pretzel plates” came from Kmart and the large clear chargers came from Target. I also laid out all of the mustard I had in my fridge, can you guess how many in variety, I had…..6! I couldn’t believe it, I think I have a mustard problem. Not! If you are looking for dinner recipe ideas, check out my post on pork schnitzel, it’s delicious.

This was such and amazing table to put together, I hope it brings you thoughts of deliciously cold beer. 🙂





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