Last Minute Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

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Thanksgiving Tablescape:

If you’ve been so busy organizing the food for your Thanksgiving dinner that you forgot about the Thanksgiving tablescape, no worries, here are a few simple things you can do to still have an amazing table.

Burlap! A few years ago, I purchased many yards of burlap and just cut 7 table cloths out of them. Now, whether I have 8 people over for thanksgiving or 38 (true story), I have plenty of tablecloths. Burlap is fairly cheap on Amazon and lasts year after year and still looks great. The color of the burlap goes really well with Thanksgiving colors too! If you happen to not have any burlap lying around, you can also grab your favorite blanket scarf or just leave your table bare and show it off.

Another great tip, is if you live in an area that has pine cones and leaves, feel free to bring the outdoors in.  The picture above and below both have pine cones and a few real leaves that I collected from outside. Also, I incorporated real pumpkins I purchased from a local orchard awhile back. You could also add apples, oranges, squash, pomegranates if you like or fresh herbs as well.

Once you have a base of real leaves and pine cones, you can make the centerpiece feel full by adding fake flowers.  The flowers you see above were a great buy from Michaels, I have used them year after year and they have easily paid for themselves by now. The fake pumpkins came from Kmart and have been a mainstay at my table for at least the last 6 Thanksgivings. To compliment the pumpkins I’ve added some cream colored candles. I always like to use a candle element in any tablescape that I create. These chunky candles you see in the above picture add a cozy element to the table and have lasted the last 3 years.

The plates, cups and flatware came from Costco. I always have a rule, if I’m serving more than 12 people, I use paper or plastic products. It’s easier for clean up, especially after you’ve cooked a majority of the meal. This also allows you to enjoy the company of your guests and not be buried under a mountain of dishes.

So, if you would like to come up with a quick tablescape for your Thanksgiving meal, a few items from around the house (and outside) can create a great practical and beautiful setting for your family and friends to enjoy.




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