Hygge Inspired Tablescape

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Hygge Inspired Tablescape:

Hello! You are probably reading this right now thinking what the heck is a Hygge (pronounced “Hooga”) inspired tablescape? The actual word Hygge is a Norwegian word meaning ‘well-being’. The interpretation of this word is as vast as the sky. Basically, anything that makes you feel cozy and warm can be described as Hygge. A state of feeling cozy. In Denmark, there are Hygge parties around Christmas time to help with the very long cold nights there. I first learned about this from my husband’s cousin, who has lived in Denmark for about 14 years now! I should also mention, she is the coolest person I know. 😉

There are a few traditions when trying to achieve a Hygge gathering. Candles! Lots and lots of candles. Next, minimalistic decor, if there is some decor then it is any and everything in nature brought indoors. Lastly, comfort food and people. Conversation and getting to know one another is the highlight of any Hygge party, so all cell phones are put away (gasp!). I know, but don’t forget, Danes are known for living in the happiest place on earth, so maybe we should try this (You can do it! It’s only one night).

I called in a few family favors and my mother-in-law and aunt allowed me to borrow a few of their Swedish and Nordic home decor for the occasion. In the above picture, is an old Swedish handmade toy/game. Below is a Swedish candle holder that was gifted to me and is representative of Swedish culture as well.

Oh, my goodness! I am so in love with these Dala horses in the picture below, they are the cutest and in the old days were used as children toys. I love them because each one is handmade and painted.

Finally, bringing the outside in with this floral swag. I wanted something that was simple but added a bit of greenery to the table. Don’t wait another minute, get together and throw a Hygge party right away.


How to achieve this look: The table linen and Napkins came from Marshalls. The glass plates and most of the candles came from Dollar Tree. The silverware and and wine glasses came from Target. The Dala Horses are on loan but can be found on Amazon and Etsy. The floral swag is made up of mostly eucalyptus.




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