Halloween Table Inspiration

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If you are looking to get away from the normal orange and black decor this Halloween, I have some inspiration for you! Enjoy your very own easy Halloween tablescape this year.

Halloween Tablescape Inspiration:

Looking around for my own inspiration, I came across the cutest little bottle (shown above) at Michaels. I loved the wine-colored ribbon with the black colored bottle, it screamed scary-luxury in a Gothic kind of way.


For the table, I actually used a red Christmas table-cloth that I had. Over the top of it, I added this grey mesh fabric that I had found at Target in the Halloween section. I like how it gives the feeling of cob webs but doesn’t get in the way of your plating.  The black table cover came from dollar tree and is just a plain black plastic table-cover. Now that my base in on, I can start with all the cute little details.

These foam headstones (shown above) were amazing and I had to have them! Bonus, afterward, I can use them to decorate outside. They came in a pack of 4 from Target of which I used two. The black candles I purchased a while back at Michaels on clearance and placed in some family candle holders that fit the feeling I was going for with the table. I was so excited to add a dark red wine to the table. It also was delicious for afterward. 🙂 The deep colored roses that were used as an accent on the grey plates were on loan from my sister April which I felt added a nice touch.

Fresh Final Touches:

I enjoy adding a food element in the decor. Being a pomegranate lover, and always have a hard time getting the seeds out, I knew this would be a perfect mess to display.

The floral arrangement was all my sister. I just told her the colors I was using and she found a way to blend red and purple to create this dark blood red masterpiece (shown below). Boom and easy put together Halloween tablescape.

If you are looking for a recipe to go with this table, might I suggest my Chicken Spaghetti Recipe. It is flavorful and perfect for a Halloween dinner party.

From my family to yours, Happy Halloween and Enjoy!





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