Fall Tablescape

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Fall is here! I had so much fun putting this fall tablescape together and even better, it took no time at all.  A few years back I was throwing Thanksgiving at my house and we would have 5 tables like the one above full of people! To save on cost, I just bought a huge roll of burlap and cut them into table size pieces and now I have matching tablecloths for any large party. I know you are supposed to protect the ends so they don’t fray but I’ve had them now for 4 years and they are still working great, frayed ends and all.

I used my gold chargers that I purchased at Michaels and plain white round plates that I already owned.

I absolutely adore this centerpiece, literally just a cornucopia of the seasons fruits and vegetables. Minus the brown acorns, those are fake and purchased so long ago, that I don’t remember where I got them, but you get the idea. My favorite part of this centerpiece are these radishes (shown above)!! I don’t even know why, they look like I literally just plucked them from the ground, so yummy. The rest of the vegetables are just finds from around the farmers market. The radishes were my husband’s suggestion and I am so glad he did. I also grabbed two acorn squashes, a butternut squash two apples, two pears and some sweet corn.

Wondering what the caramel looking deliciousness is in that glass (shown above)? It is one of first batches of fresh apple cider of the season! Or at least I like to think it is when I go to get it at the orchard. There’s nothing like it, we are very fortunate to live near by a few orchards.

A few of the final touches were added by my beautiful sister-in-law. I don’t know where she comes up with the ideas for the flowers but I am so glad she does. Little hint: Yellow flowers are my all time favorite, think sunflowers and yellow roses. 🙂 So, I may have done a little dance when she showed up with these yellow roses and these little berries to go with them. The little bud vases are actually gold votives that I purchased at dollar tree for $1.


If you can see a little gold fabric around some of the vegetables (shown above), that was a surprise that my sister and I decided to use last minute, it actually came with the roses, bonus!, so we added it to the table. I also added chunky pillar candles and the holders, I wanted big chunky candles to match the large vegetables. The holders and the candles were both purchased at big lots years ago. I purchased them for my wedding and spray painted them for an antique look, you can see in the picture above some of the original holder is peeking through (in black). If you are looking for recipe or menu ideas to go with this table, check out my other posts on Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon, and my Fall menu.



Flowers by April Swinford




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