End of Summer Table Inspiration

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End of Summer Table Inspiration:

As the end of summer approaches, here in the Midwest we have to get all of our outside entertaining out of the way before fall hits. What an excuse to throw an end-of-summer soiree, full of color and laughter with good friends. The inspiration for this table came about when one day, I was walking around Marshalls and came across this fabulous table cloth (shown above) and bonus…it was $8.00!! It makes for a great outdoor tablecloth, it is thick and made from more vinyl than cloth (easy cleanup). Side note: I am not normally a huge fan of patterned table cloths but I liked how vibrant and fun it seemed.

The green plates came as part of a set that I was gifted in a picnic basket that I own. To match, I added two stone colored brown and cream plates on both ends. The rest of the table decor is really just green and grapefruit colored accents. I absolutely loved the large artichokes that my husband brought home from the store and a delicious grapefruit cut up and added as art.

Behind the bouquet on the table is a simple bowl of mixed fruits and vegetables in a wooden bowl to add to the decor. Also, I love the green pillar candles (shown above) that I’ve had forever and added the perfect soft glow to the table at night.

For final touches, you can always add a grapefruit flavored cocktail and a floral arrangement. My sister-in-law added another gorgeous bouquet to the table that brought all of these colors together. What a fun project this was. 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

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