Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Table Inspiration

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One of my favorite holidays is the Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos). This holiday is colorful and gives me reason to gather with friends and family. We all take a moment out of our busy lives to take pause and remember those who have passed and share the good times of when they were alive. I also take this time to make authentic Mexican dishes, being half Mexican, I always try to honor my heritage through food. This year I perfected my spicy black bean and chorizo soup. Perfect for the weather we currently have in the Midwest.

I love bright colors and could not wait to create a Dia de muertos tablescape showing off the vibrant colors of Dia De Los Muertos (and Mexico). The black plastic table-cover came from the Dollar Tree. It made a great base to the table that contrasted really well with all of the bright colors. The beautiful bright pink scarf with the really cool ruffles came from Target, and so did the silverware, and white plates. The napkins came from bed bath and beyond, and the paper skull plates came from Walmart. The fabric table runner, came from Michaels and is actually just two hanging banners placed together to create a faux runner.

I saw this super cool ceramic vase (shown above) at Michaels and had to have it! I was so happy to come across it. My sister really wanted to go for traditional colors and traditional types of flowers for the day of the dead. I thought she did a spectacular job bringing this skull vase to life. I really like how it turned out.

This face is just so beautiful and eerie all at the same time! Ha. It really completed this tablescape by adding some height and turned out to be the main focal point.

I finished off the table with some saint candles (shown above) to watch over us while we ate and it also added to the theme of the table. The bud vase to the left was a gift from when my husband and I went to Mexico for our honeymoon. The housekeeping staff put balloons and rose petals in our room while we were away with a note and this little bud vase as a souvenir, I was so glad that it worked here in the table arrangement, it’s so cute!

Here is a full shot of the flowers. So beautiful and the colors really blend well together. Also, while we sit, everyone gets a different view of the flowers. It made for a very surreal tablescape. I hope you enjoy your family and friends at this time as we all take a moment to remember those in our lives whom have passed and pray they have peace.





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