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Nothing brings people together like chocolate. Am-I-right! During the month of October, I always enjoy seeing all the little one’s go from house to house collecting their sugary treats. What about us adults? Don’t we deserve sugary delectable treats too? YES! This dinner party tablescape is in honor of us adults that want more chocolate in our lives and also like to share. 😉

This tablescape was fairly easy to put together because you want the chocolate to be the real stars. The beautiful table runner shown in the picture above is actually just 6 place-mats put together. I found the place-mats (shown above) at Marshalls and just loved the brightness of the green. The plates were a gift; however, I was able to find similar ones at target for a good price. The water glasses were also a Marshalls find. All the platters and silverware came from Target. The linen napkins are just plain white napkins that can be found anywhere, a must have for any host or entertainer. The candle holders are old wine bottles that I’ve soaked in soapy water to remove the labels and have added half candle sticks that can be found at Dollar Tree, pack of 6 for $1, such a steal.

My sister April, really came through with the flowers, all I told her about the table was that I was going for vibrancy and wanted to focus on green and white colors and this is what she came up with. Just fantastic! 

Talk about chocolate being the star, these kinder (kinder means children in German) chocolates are my all-time favorite type of chocolate. They are rich, creamy and bring me back to my childhood. During my time living in Germany, kinder eggs (made with the same chocolate as above) were every kids favorite. The hazelnut-white chocolate eggs were filled with mini-toys inside, if you had enough of them you could create a little collection. Now, anytime I see these chocolates, I must have them! You cannot get the eggs in the U.S. so I have to settle for these, (shown above) but they definitely do not disappoint and still take me back to when I was a little girl. 🙂

Also, when I was little and living in Germany, the main grocery store we would go to would be our local Aldi store. Now as an adult, I know I can always go to Aldi and find an array of German chocolates like the ones shown above. These chocolates are a Schogetten brand. You can find them in many varieties and I love love love how they come in these bite size pieces.

For the chocolate that I placed on each place setting near every guests name, I used a Choceur brand also found at Aldi and also comes in a variety of different flavors.

Finally, as I was chopping up this Mexican hot chocolate bar to make rich chocolate milk, I loved how the chocolate looked on this bamboo cutting board so added it last minute to my photo shoot. It was a great addition to the table. Now your ready to host a chocolate lovers dinner party!!!


Need a chocolate recipe to go with this tablescape? Check out my post on cayenne dusted peanut butter cups!



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