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The great thing about doing tablescapes is that you can draw inspiration from anywhere, an item, a place or a person. For this tablescape, I drew inspiration from my sister-in-law’s personality. She is an outdoor lover, animal lover and even better, she was getting married! Check out my post on how I created my own outdoor party table,. This tablescape is also great for a girl’s night or outdoor summer party. I used this for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party as well as for mother’s day. I’ve decided to re-create it to share with all of you!

When thinking about what table I wanted to create, I started searching for something that had all of the colors I wanted to use. Then on a fluke, I found this scarf (shown below) at goodwill (for $1). FYI – Goodwill is a great place to find wedding decor.

It was perfect! I loved the fuchsia color with the hint of blue and a little shimmer, this would look amazing near candlelight. As the event grew closer, I kept my eye open for great deals. I made the table using home depot plywood and spray paint, I already had the white plates, silverware, napkins, wine glasses and blue canning jars (Kmart!). The flowers came from the Dollar Tree. for $1 you get a bunch with 3 or 4 stems, I just cut to size. The gold chargers I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond, $9.99 for 6 (don’t forget your 20% off coupon!). Lastly, my big splurge was the tic-tac-toe game (shown below), which I came upon at Michaels. I was able to get it for $21 after the 40% off coupon.

The wine bottles (one shown above), I had from my last wine night and just used dawn soap and white vinegar to clean off the labels (soak overnight). I highly recommend filling the bottles with either water, sand or pebbles to weigh them down.

I have to brag for a second. My husband has been practicing with his family’s Nikon to see if it would be worth us purchasing one and he finally was able to get a clear picture. He is so proud; I also love the angle he was able to capture. These wine glasses shown in his picture (above) were passed down to us from his late great aunt Mary, aren’t they beautiful? I love them.  If you are in a pinch and in need of wine glasses, the Dollar Tree has blue ones and clear ones for a $1 each.

Also in the picture above, I was able to grab gold votives for $1 a piece at Dollar Tree. My sister-in-law added the moss that she purchased at Michael’s for her wedding. I thought it was a nice and bright addition.

If you would like to add a finishing touch, you can always add a menu in your theme colors. I happen to have a friend who does calligraphy and she was more than glad to bring me this final touch for the table. For more about this menu check out my Boho menu post.


You are now ready to entertain!




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