Beer Tasting Table Inspiration

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The inspiration for this Beer tasting table came from this glorious dominoes set that I found at Michael’s. The best part is the set was on clearance for $14.99! I was so excited, and bonus, there were two other games on clearance, a vintage flag football set ($14.99) and a wooden dice set ($5.99). I knew that not only would these make a great addition to a table setting but would also get a lot of use during parties. So, I purchased all three with this table in mind.

When I came home and opened up my treasures, I loved how the football looked being part suede looking and part leather. I also liked the blue flags that came with the flag football set. I enjoyed how all these pieces really came together. After arranging the dominoes on the table, I realized that some of the pieces would make great coasters and looked wonderful on-top of my wood dining table. The small plates were gifts from my family, but I do know they came from Marshall’s.

I wanted to add just a few other pieces to complete this look, so I added this wooden mini-chess set (shown above) that my husband received as a Christmas gift. Quick tip: If you are ever looking for unique gifts, you should definitely check out their website all of the gifts are handmade in India (I am not getting paid to promote them, I really like their products and motto). I also had some leftover beer growlers (from figure8 brewing! a local brewery), that I washed out and used.

At first I wanted to find some dried oats to go into the growlers but my sister-in-law found these Inland Sea Oats (shown above) and I absolutely loved the greenery with all the brown, great idea.

The menu in the picture above was created by TandemCalligraphy, she is a great friend and I loved the addition for the table.


My husband remembered that his dad had this old mitt (shown above) and it was the best final touch to the table! This has been one of my favorite tables to do, I will be using this for beer-tastings and many father’s days to come. If you would like to check out the menu for more inspiration that goes with this table, check out the Beer tasting Menu.







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