Anniversary Table Inspiration

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Enjoy this Anniversary  Table Inspiration

September has always been a favorite month for my husband and I. It’s the month we were married, fall has just started, pumpkin madness has begun and all of our favorite shows have new episodes on Netflix!

Since my husband and I would be traveling for our anniversary, we decided to have an impromptu date in the back yard. The inspiration for this table was simply a celebration of our 6 years together.  Fun fact, there are colors to represent each anniversary and 6 years is purple! So, I found a plaid purple scarf I had in the closet and decided to use it as a table runner.

Next, I grabbed our love letter box (shown above) that we used on our wedding day. We had all of our family write us love notes and advice on marriage, then at the alter we wrote one to each other and sealed all the letters in this box. The idea was to open in case of emergency or, in 5 or 6 years open and enjoy what was inside and fill with new memories. We are proud to announce that we have never needed to open it, so we will soon open it and then refill for another 5 to 6 years and so on. Oh! and there is a bottle of wine inside to enjoy while you read the letters. 🙂 I also, absolutely love the engraving. I added our wedding cake topper (love birds) to the top of our box to act as a centerpiece. I love these little guys, they are just so adorable.

I kept the place setting simple, I used a silver charger (check out this post for more info), ivory plates that my parents used when they were married, purple napkins I found on clearance at Party City ($2.49 for 4ct.) and small white and silver dessert plates I had left over from my last party (Party City $8.99 for 20ct.)

I HAVE to mention the wine glasses we used! These are my Scandal glasses, and they make me so happy! I purchased them from Crate & Barrelnot on sale, but because I just had to have them and yes, they go deliciously with popcorn. 🙂 The candles came from Michaels (.40 cents) on clearance and the candle holders I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond for .99 cents each, also on clearance.

Lastly, my husband had his sister put together an arrangement for us and it was such a sweet surprise and beautiful addition to the table. This is probably one of my favorite tables to do. I know some of you out there are probably thinking, why go through so much trouble just for the two of you?! However, after so many days of the same routine and dinners at the dining table or the kitchen island, I like to break up the day to day in our marriage and try to do something different. I know it probably would have been quicker to just go out to a fancy restaurant or something but this made it unique and we got to enjoy and remember our wedding day all over again. 🙂


Menu: Provided by Tandem Calligraphy

Flowers: Provided by April Swinford



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