Oktoberfest Menu Ideas

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Oktoberfest Dinner Menu

Oktoberfest menu ideas are hard to come by, but this one was easy to put together…, I just put together all my favorites!

Germany will always be special to me. I had the opportunity to grow up there as a child. My father was in the Army and we live there for 6 years. I fell in love with the culture, the music and of course the food! Every october I get a chance to remember my time through food and drink. Still to this day my favorite beer is German beer. 🙂


The German Meat and Cheese platter can have any array of cold cuts and spreadable meats. Beirwurst (Beerwurst) , leberwurst (liverwurst) , and salami are a few of my favorites. For cheeses, butterkase (buttercheese-semi soft) or limburger (stinky cheese!) are a few of my favorites. Add some pickles and a baguette and your good to go. 🙂

For the entree, I had to go with a schnitzel, any schnitzel will do. On the menu I have a turkey schnitzel but you could also go with pork. I have a quick and easy recipe in another post. For sides you could go with a German cucumber salad or a German potato salad.

For Dessert, I had to go with apple strudel, because it’s delicious! Other options could be a black forest cake or a chocolate torte.


Oktoberfest Dinner Menu Ideas

Share any Oktoberfest Menu ideas with me in the comments below. Enjoy!



German Meat and Cheese Platter



German Cucumber Salad


Apple Strudel






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