Halloween Menu Ideas

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Halloween Themed Menu

Happy Halloween! My husband and I usually have spaghetti or a stew on Halloween, so this year I thought I would create a new spaghetti recipe. So, the inspiration for this Halloween themed menu came from the spaghetti. I already had green edamame noodles from my last trip to Costco and I knew I wanted to use them up. I also had a can of spaghetti sauce and knew I wanted to use olives in the sauce somehow to give the effect of eyeballs. haha. So, I thought, how to I incorporate olives into a spaghetti sauce? I could make a classic puttanesca but I was feeling adventurous.  In the end, I came up with a thick ground chicken spaghetti sauce to go over the green noodles and it turned out delicious, packed with flavor and colorful for the holiday.

Any form of spaghetti or pasta is my all-time favorite dish, so I tend to overeat or serve myself a massive helping. Therefore, I went small with the appetizer and dessert. For the appetizer, I went with a caprese salad eyeballs. I did mini versions and used black olives for the eyes. 🙂 The fresh mozzarella balls were a perfect starter and go really well with the red wine I had.

For dessert, I simply had a taste for red velvet cupcakes! However, you could also go with a Scary Tiramisu and round out the Italian theme if you’d like. I should mention though that red velvet cupcakes go really well with a good Italian red wine.

Halloween themed MENU


Caprese Salad Eyeballs


Spooky Chicken Spaghetti with Edamame Noodles


Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes


Italian Red wine

Check out my Halloween Tablescape for your next Dinner party

Hope you have a fun and safe holiday,





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