Football Menu Ideas

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Football menu ideas:

Looking for football menu ideas on what to cook? For entertaining a football crowd, there is no sitting down and conversation, there is only constant movement, yelling at the television or happy dancing when your team gets a touchdown. If you do make a big meal, be prepared to keep it warm (crock-pot!) and for all your guests to rush to grab food during halftime. All of these things go into consideration when feeding a football crew. 🙂

That’s why for this menu, I chose to go with many handheld items and one entree served in a crock-pot, so guests can help themselves whenever they feel like it. For more tablescape inspiration, check out the post on the football table.

For starters, I went with my husband’s favorites of spinach artichoke dip, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers and deviled eggs. I felt the smokiness of the jalapeno poppers would be a great starter to the Poblano 3-bean chili I served. To go along with a side of the chili, I felt jalapeno cheddar would be the best paired here.

For dessert, I wanted brownies! and they make the cutest little footballs, made by my loving sister-in-law. 🙂 Lastly, my whole family loves peanut butter and it’s tastes really good with chocolate, so I knew the peanut butter pie would taste great with the fudge walnut brownies.


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