Fall Menu Ideas

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Fall Menu Ideas:

Fall is in full swing and it’s time to bring on those mad pinterest skills to compile the perfect fall menu! Also queue Netflix binging, crockpot meals, cozy blankets and the fireplace.

I have to say I’m super excited to share this fall menu with you! It’s just so delicious, rich in flavor, I have no doubt it will leave you full and happy. 🙂

For the starter, I went with goat cheese and honey crostini’s topped with blackberries. I like to take the goat cheese and the honey and whip them together and then sprinkle a few blackberries on top. However, I know of people who mix the honey, cheese and berry together and that is fine to, just keep in mind you will get a darker overall purple color for the spread.

For the main course, I went with one of my fall favorites, Beef Bourguignon.  The recipe calls for red wine, so I look for a Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of blackberry. Not a must, but I like to have all the flavors kind of follow each other even if you don’t notice it in a big way. Another secret about the beef bourguignon is that in my recipe I add chocolate! Yummm.

For the dessert, I went with a raspberry chocolate tart. What goes better with chocolate and a glass of wine than raspberries! This rich and thick dessert is a perfect ending to your fall menu.





Blackberries with Goat Cheese & Honey Crostini


Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon


Raspberry Chocolate Tart



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