End of Summer Menu Ideas

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End of summer menu ideas


For the End-of-Summer table, I created a menu of flavors to match the beautiful vibrancy of the table. It’s the end of summer so you gotta have kind of a go big or go home attitude with color. For the signage, I used a font called Kristen ITC on a plain white paper stock with a light border around the page. This is more of a casual event so I decided to not put it into a frame and felt the font was an expression of the fun to come.

For starters, I decided to go with Prosciutto wrapped melon. The salty-sweetness and freshness made me hungry for the main event! Sometimes it can get so hot at the end of summer so refreshing melon is just a delicious idea. 🙂

End of summer menu ideas

The Entree included Sweet potato fries, grilled asparagus and Sweet & Spicy Salmon Burgers with Grilled Pineapple.  I was going for an end-of-summer version of hamburger and fries. The color of the grilled pineapple next to the sweet potato fries color with the grilled asparagus will liven up any table with beautiful colors and smells. There is also nothing better than having asparagus with salmon. My mouth is drooling already!

End of summer menu ideas

For dessert, I went with Peach Cobbler (add ice cream!), they are in season right now and really any peach dessert will do. A nice peach sorbet would have been nice here as well. If you want to add a cocktail too, I would go with a grapefruit-lime vodka drink. Enjoy this end of summer menu today!




Proscuitto Wrapped Melon


Sweet Potato Fries

Grilled Asparagus

Sweet & Spicy Salmon Burgers with Grilled Pineapple


Peach Cobbler


Grapefruit and Lime Cocktail




What are some of your favorite end of summer recipes or traditions? Please share in the comments below, I would like to know!



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