Chocolate Menu Ideas

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Chocolate themed Menu

Calling all chocolate lovers!! This menu was made with you in mind. A mixture of sweet, slightly spicy and rich flavors just for you. As a starter, I chose to go with an appetizer platter. A platter full of flavor with soft notes of chocolate, but nothing too strong. Cocoa dusted almonds with dried fruits and fresh berries are great for mingling, conversation starters and paired with drinks. Maybe a chocolate Martini? yummm!

For the main course I immediately thought of my favorite chocolate and spicy dish. Chicken Mole. The sauce is rich and thick with tender juicy chicken and although the recipe uses chocolate in it, the chocolate does not come out strongly in the dish. For sides, Mexican style rice or even a cilantro-lime flavored rice would go well with refried black beans. Soooo good.

The chicken mole can be a little heavy, so for dessert I thought small bites would be best. Here you can simply buy small pieces of chocolate and put them on display like I’ve done in the chocolate tablescape post. If you feel up to trying a new recipe then I highly recommend my cayenne dusted peanut butter cups, the combination of dark chocolate and heat from the cayenne pepper are amazing! 🙂




Appetizer Platter


Chicken Mole

Mexican style rice

Refried black beans


Cayenne dusted peanut butter cups


Chocolate Martini





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