Boho Menu Ideas

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Boho Menu Idea:

This menu was created to go with the Boho themed tablescape I created. When coming up with the menu I was trying to think what food would best describe a bohemian theme. When I think of Boho anything, I think of nature, kindness and being free-spirited. This made me think of Mediterranean cuisine. Most Mediterranean recipes are highly plant based and are often a lot of little bites offered together. I came up with a number of things I wanted to cook but the list below is what I settled on.

You are probably thinking, why fruit pizza’s? You could do a Baklava or some sort of cake in olive oil. However, my baking skills are not THAT good as of yet, so I went with what I knew I could do well. I did keep in mind that this was food that we would be eating with our hands though, so that is why I went for the hand held cookies, instead of making one big pizza that would need to be cut.

In the picture above (Calligraphy done by TandemCalligraphymy good friend Nicki added this piece to the table. I love it, she even added the blue, gold and purple paper to go with the theme. It was a wonderful addition to the table.




Pita Chips with Hummus and Baba Ganoush
Olives in oil with Feta Cheese


Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki Sauce and Naan Bread
Cucumber Greek Salad


Mini Fruit Pizza’s


What is your favorite Mediterranean dish?



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