Discovering the Heart of Hospitality: My Personal Airbnb Journey

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Discovering the Heart of Hospitality: My Personal Airbnb Journey

Hello, fellow explorers and food enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to share the beginnings of my personal Airbnb journey. It’s a tale of transforming every stay into a story. My adventure is not just about hosting; it’s about navigating the world of real estate investing and short-term rentals with the warmth of hospitality. As I embarked on this path, I discovered the many areas of my life come together into one passion for creating unique accommodations. I invite you to join me as I recount the steps, missteps, and joys of creating spaces that are more than just places to sleep – they are experiences to savor. So grab a cup of your favorite brew, get cozy, and let’s dive into this journey together.

Choosing the Location: A Journey to House Hacking

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. As my husband and I started on this path, we discovered we wanted to start thinking about retirement. This would allow us to set our goals for the next 25 years. Through talking with him, he really expressed how he would love a vacation home someday in Puerto Rico. My family is from Puerto Rico, and we travel there often, falling in love with the Island, the Coffee, and, of course, THE FOOD! So I quickly jumped on the ideas as well and started researching. I had always wanted to become an Airbnb host and tried twice with two different properties, but in the end, wasn’t super sure what I was getting into and didn’t have enough confidence to take the leap. Long story short (and lots more posts about this adventure to come!) We decided and were given great advice to “Start in our own backyard”. So, we literally started in our own backyard with a House Hack, transforming our unused basement into a cozy space for guests. 

Embracing Hygge: Designing Our Airbnb Space

Once we committed to a house hack, I dove into researching all things Airbnb and house hacking. My background in banking, analytics, and market research came in handy for analyzing potential earnings and guest demographics. Then, it was time to get creative with the design. Using tools like and the Ikea kitchen planner, I could visualize and measure the space, fitting in a quaint kitchenette. We’ve designed a one bed, one bath Airbnb, overlooking our favorite lake, with a cozy Scandinavian theme, embracing the concept of Hygge. Imagine warm socks, cozy blankets, a roaring fire, candles, and great company – what are your thoughts about the theme? Let me know in the comments below!

First Steps in Hosting: Building a Trusted Team

The journey of home renovation is filled with challenges, as we learned when disagreements arose with our first contractor. However, engaging with Airbnb investor communities on Facebook opened my eyes – it’s all part of the process. Building a reliable team is crucial, and I’m glad to say we’ve since found amazing people who share our vision for creating an exceptional guest experience.


Our Airbnb is taking shape, and there are so many more stories and lessons to share. I hope this peek into our journey inspires you to pursue your dreams, however daunting they may seem. The joy of creating lasting memories and experiences for our guests is just beginning, and I can’t wait to share more tales, tips, and insights as we delve deeper into the world of Airbnb. Stay tuned for our next adventure – the dome!

Savor Paradise

Savor Paradise

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