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Welcome to SavorParadise, a cooking enthusiast community that believes we can create magical moments at home through food. We love to learn; we love to cook and we love food, especially Latin American inspired dishes. Welcome, we are quite the adventurous bunch.

Our hope is to enable you to prepare new and exciting dishes and break up the repetition of everyday life. To aid in that effort, we offer recipes from semi-homemade recipes for those crazy busy weeknights to a few more adventurous recipes perfect for those quiet weekends when you want the house smelling like delicious food.

Also, we will never judge if you decide to play some jams and add a glass of wine…or is that just me.

Read SavorParadise to discover delicious Latin inspired recipes, read stories from my childhood and life, as well as find encouraging ideas to create a few magical moments of your own.

My name is Elena and I am the current editor, main writer, head cook, food photographer, website creator and analyst around here. I have my husband, or taste-tester enthusiast/ultimate fixer I should say, our young son (I love being a new mom!), and our golden retriever (my bestie). A former data analyst turned food blogger, I enjoy mainly writing about food, but will occasionally also write about entertaining, gardening and traveling.

While I love to cook with the freshest ingredients in the summertime, I also love finding great canned substitutes during those long winter months here in the Midwest and I am obsessed with all things Costco (wholesale food club).

What does SavorParadise mean?

SavorParadise – A person searching to taste and enjoy food or drink completely, in an idyllic place or state of mind.

Why Latin Inspired Dishes?

Great Question, well, I am a third generation Latina who for the latter part of last 30 years has been living in the Midwest. I am also half-Mexican and half-Puerto Rican. So, I try to develop and reflect on dishes that are authentically me from where I’ve been and what I’ve experienced.

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